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August 25, 2009

Plants for Backyard Ponds

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Keeping your backyard pond in good condition year-round can be made much easier by your initial selection of plants. There are three main types of plants that can be included in backyard ponds. All of these plants will help maintain the health of your backyard pond, as well as provide color and interest.

Floating plants

Floating plants can help with the clarity of your garden pond. However, they also have the tendency to grow quickly and can eventually become an over-growth problem.  Some floating plants like Water Hyacinth are actually classified as weeds in some areas.

Emergent plants

Emergent plants such as water lilies not only add color but also the amount of shade available in your pond. Having 50-60% of your pond covered with emergent plants can greatly reduce the amount of algae you must deal with. These plants will not always survive the winter and can either be treated as annuals or taken inside during the colder months. however, the problem with moving these plants to a warm environment is that parasites can grow.

Submerged plants and marginal bog plants

Submerged plants and marginal bog plants create oxygen during photosynthesis. This can help the levels of toxins in the water.

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